Migration Services
PEOCIT offers migrations services to its customers to bring their customers from a legacy system to the PEOCIT software or to upgrade their technology platforms to the most recent version of PEOCIT software including data and business processes, with minimal business disruption.

Migrations services team takes a business-driven approach adopted and places a premium on the business imperatives of the client and the final roadmap for migrations and implementation takes into account all business situations to achieve a successful completion of the project.

The migration roadmap for any migrations is conceptualized in partnership with the customers and is based on a well thought and judicious analysis of combination of business imperatives and technology merits.

PEOCIT’s professional services group, a highly trained services team, undertakes migrations services and the team possess vast experience on technology solution implementation, multiple technology platforms, several industry frameworks and best consulting practices to help banks capitalize on proven models of deployment processes, select the optimal IT direction and make the correct choices. Led by specialized and dedicated practitioners, migration services from Finacle ensure effective application transformation, which promises to optimize business outcome.