Application Development, Enhancement and Sustenance
PEOCIT application development and Enhancement services are designed to offer its customer the economies of scale and convenience of involving PEOCIT to customize, enhance and upgrade the PEOCIT software to exactly fit the business process of the customer.

Application Development, Enhancement

We know that every bank will need some unique processes and its business model will continue to evolve as the business grows. The application development and enhancement services help our customers to adapt the software to changing business needs.

The services can be categorized as:
  Standalone Applications Development
  Customizations to the core product applications
  Application Enhancements and upgrades

We understand that banking operations are critical and cannot afford a down time. PEOCIT Sustenance services are specially designed to offer it customer a reliable support program that not only does a corrections but also helps them prevents any issues. Our application sustenance program includes:
  Corrective Sustenance
  Preventive Sustenance