“Kuber™” is comprehensive branch automation software for co-op credit societies, employee credit societies, credit unions, community banks and micro banks.

Kuber is the flagship product of PEOCIT and already has a large and growing base of 1200+ customers.

Kuber helps you to increase efficiency and to fully integrate your financial institution’s key functions including deposits, loans, the general ledger and accounting, and member information. Kuber integrates fully with our extensive product and service portfolio creating a comprehensive and un-paralleled enterprise-wide solution to your organizational needs.

Kuber helps to fulfill complete requirement of a credit society and automate the daily activities. It is configurable on parameters and business rules without warranting a code change..

Major Modules included in Kuber are;
  Savings Account   Fixed (Term) Deposit
  Daily Deposit/Small Savings   Signature and photo scanning
  Agent Commission(Daily Deposit)   Loan
  Interest Calculation / Repayment Overdue   NPA / Delinquent Tracking
  Teller   Integrated GL with option to connect to Tally
  Risk & Compliance   Dashboard & Reporting
  Head office Consolidation (Profit & Loss/Trial Balance/Balance sheet)

Kuber helps to completely fulfill the requirements arising from the day-to-day activities of credit societies. The automation it provides is based on using configurable parameters and business rules. This eliminates or limits code changes and customization to a minimum during implementation