Kanaka is a comprehensive, integrated and modular business solution that effectively fulfills the need and day to day challenges for banks. Kanaka helps to transform the functions of the banks and helps banks to go to the next level of automation.

Kanaka provides all the needed flexibility and dynamic environment and with the help of parameterization banks can design their own products and penetrate new market areas. It helps the banks to easily automate all operations irrespective of the size of the bank.

Kanaka has an in-built customer relationship module which helps banks to differentiate between various types of the customer and approach them accordingly. It has all the functionality required by banks to continuously innovate in order to offer new products and services.

It has comprehensive reporting module which fulfills internal and regulatory requirements. Bank’s team can design and generate their own set of reports to meet the future needs.

Following are the key areas/modules:
  Customer Management   Dashboard
  Savings and deposits   Loans Management and Collection
  NPA / Delinquent Management   Clearing
  Teller with denominations tracking   Settlements & Posting
  Integrated general ledger   Budget & expense management
  Business rules engine   Reconciliation
  Batch processing / Centralized maintenance
  Efficient business intelligence, decision support, and reporting facility

  Support for multiple delivery channels