PEOCIT has always prided itself on its partnership engagements.

The objective of the partnership program at PEOCIT is to provide our customers with choice, optimized solutions and leverage strength of the partner ecosystem to gain time to market, technology and accessibility advantages.

PEOCIT collaborates with a wide range of companies across the globe for technology, sales, marketing and solution delivery aspects.

PEOCIT is enhancing its relationships with partners and is creating a variety of innovative partnership models, with various approaches to risk-reward sharing. Some of the notable partner engagements we are looking forward are;

Service Partners

PEOCIT “Service Partner” program allows you to become our partner to serve our customers on implementation and support needs and grow along with us. We are constantly looking for invite to our value based partnership and capitalize on its unique business solution technology and resources to expand on their revenue and opportunity.

Business Alliance Partners

PEOCIT “Business Alliance Partner” program invites high caliber go-getter organization and people who have local relationships with customers. Coupled with our leading product suite, their local relationships can be a catalyst to the best possible product delivery & support tot heir customers.

Technology Solution Partners

PEOCIT “Technology Solution Partner” program invites technology companies to partner with us to build/integrate their solution in order to offer more.

Partner models are also evolving in the technology industry and PEOCIT believes in building a long term, strong & selectively strategic relationship with its partners, who form an important and integral part of our business cycle.

If you wish to join our partner network, please mail us on with brief details of your company and we shall get back to you.