Fact Sheet
PEOCIT has a rich history of over 10 years of innovation and customer focus. We are very passionate about creating software products for financial services that delight our customers.

     PEOCIT was incorporated and Pune development center was established.
     Started product development for “Kuber” - ‘Micro Banking Co-operative’ software product.
     Successfully delivered projects entrusted to us by clients.

     PEOCIT’s first product “Kuber” was unveiled and was made available to micro banking
        cooperative customers.
     PEOCIT established centalized technical and customer support center.

     Kuber was soon successful. PEOCIT recorded 25 new customer additions.
     PEOCIT made investments in setting up implementation and delivery services teams
        Investments that resulted in faster and successful implementations.

     Kuber crossed 100+ installations.
     Conferred with prestigious ‘H. M. Joshi Award’ by the MCC IA, Pune, India for “Excellence in         Customer Satisfaction & Technical Innovation”
     PEOCIT was recognized for its widely successful product and was receiving substantial print         media coverage in leading newspapers

     PEOCIT continues to innovate and adds General Ledger & Usability feature in Kuber
     Expanded implementation team to support more installations

     PEOCIT launched a new software product “TradeSmart” for small to medium commodity sales         and distribution business.
     PEOCIT adds 10 customers for “TradeSmart”
     PEOCIT crossed 250 installations

     PEOCIT does first international project for University of Penn, USA
     PEOCIT bags its first Microfinance Customers – “Common Interest International (CII)”, Thailand
     PEOCIT announces a massive technology Upgrade for “Kuber”

     Kuber - Crossed 500+ installations
     Kuber Crosses the record of managing a turnover of Rs. 50,000 million
     New Product launched on ‘Cloud’ for managing ‘Delinquent Court Cases’

     New upgraded Version of Kuber launched “Kanaka”
     Kuber - Crossed 750+ installations across India
     New Product launched on ‘Cloud’ for managing ‘Delinquent Cases’ with MIS

     New product launched “K3-Core Banking Solution” on cloud
     New Product launched “PaySmart”
     Web based portal goes live for Cooperative Department for “Online Reporting”
     Established a new Support Centre at “Satara” equipped with modern support tools
     Sponsored “Maharashtra State Federation of Coop Societies” conference
     Kuber - Crossed 1000+ installations across India

     K3 goes live with three customer with more than 20 locations
     Web based online portal goes live for Maharashtra Education Department in “Assessment &